Wedding Photography Welcome Guide - Ashton Malone Collection by Ally B Designs

Wedding Photography Welcome Guide - Ashton Malone Collection

what you need to know...

A new client guide is you giving your brand new client a big warm hug. It’s what you send to clients once they’ve determined you’re their missing link and book you. It’s how you demonstrate immense gratitude, communicate further client expectations at this stage, dive deeper into their experience with you, and tell them what to expect now so they’re fully informed and totally excited. This onboarding packet is different than the welcome packet in that it’s not written for a new lead but for a NEW CLIENT so it builds connection in a new way and starts the ball rolling towards compelling word of mouth referrals.

Not only will clients think that you have all of your ducks in a row, but they’ll be super impressed that you have something designed and put together for them at each point on their journey with you. Say hello to wooing clients every step of the way and goodbye to unnecessary emails with questions you should have answered or clients feeling like they’re left in the dark after they book.

the highlights

Designed by me and written by my conversion copywriter, this new client guide template is fully scripted with prompts in key places so you can fill in your business details and personalize your brand voice.  You can easily slide in your images, insert your unique business details, and add a splash of your brand voice for a polished marketing piece that represents your business well, communicates your client expectations, and creates a personal connection with every new client booking.

what's included:

  • A fully designed and scripted customizable template - in Canva with a portrait or wedding photographer option that you can easily personalize for your business
  • An educational video tutorial - that walks you through exactly how to use the file and an overview of how to update the template in Canva. 

the fine print


  • Stock images used in sample display design or custom fonts. The template is beautifully designed with FREE fonts included in a basic Canva account. If you would like to purchase the custom fonts please note you will need a subscription to Canva Pro. If you decide to add on the custom fonts you will receive instructions on where to purchase your very own license and how to implement them into the template. The fonts generally cost around $15-25.